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Hottest information about Sales & Marketing Leadership MENA Summit

1 OCTOBER 2018


Digital Health Marketing Director | Africa & Middle East, Latin America and Emerging Asia

3 Questions For Mohammad Ali Faruqi

What are the key strategies to foster sales and marketing collaboration?

Sales and Marketing together, provide a good balance for each other. It is very important for them to think and challenge each other in a collaborative environment to deliver a robust business plan. Without Sales, Marketing would be sitting in an ivory tower, making plans that would either not be executable or would not bring in the incremental that is foreseen. And without Marketing, Sales would have to rely on distribution and promotion alone since there would be no brand equity or awareness. Both are critical and equally critical is their collaboration.
The key to fostering a culture of collaboration is always early engagement and to ensure that there is a common vision & goal. This is the starting point to any collaboration, serving as the North Star. Next is to align on the HOW. These are the strategies that will get you to the said vision. From these strategies, each function will derive their tactics which will be specific to the function but will tie into the HOW strategies.

How to turn digital opportunities into customer engagement and business growth?

This needs to start with a real evaluation of whether the opportunity is a real need. This is done by knowing the customer well. Customer’s lifestyle, personality and pain points relevant to your area of influence. Very often a short-term fad is mistaken for an opportunity. This is not a good business practice and does not lead to any meaningful and sustainable growth.
If the opportunity fulfils a true customer need, then assess if competition has any similar offering. If not, then you have hit upon a Point Of Difference. Focus should be on fulfilling this need with the best possible customer experience and what it will take to deliver this experience. Involve the other functions, most importantly Sales, to create an early engagement and start to develop a commercialization strategy. Quantify the impact by asking the following questions “will this bring more customers?, will customers spend more?, will it help retain more customers?”

Why are companies using commercial excellence to shape their future and grow their business?

The world is getting more competitive by the day and as this competition grows, so does the need for greater efficiency, getting to market faster and more productive launches. These are low hanging fruits to growing the business. While it is hard to continue growing business year after year, these low hanging fruits can give quick and effective wins.


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